Porcelain Prescriptions

“Porcelain Prescription Pill Bottles.” 2017. Porcelain slip cast / altered medication labels  

“Mirrored,” Artist’s Book

“Mirrored.” 2017 Artist’s book of images from an actual trip to the gynecologist on March 1st, 2017. The cover of the book is a plush surface covered in the gynecological sheet used at the exam. Includes printed digital photographs and illustrated acetate inserts.


“Rainy Evening.” 2017    The Crying Project. 2016 Collection of photographs from each time I cried for 3 months. Interactive tent installation space

Performance Video

All rights reserved to the sources of each video’s imagery and audio. “Stressed.” 2017 “The Morning After.” 2016 “Camouflage.” 2017


Ophelia. 2017   [CENSORED]. 2017   “Conditioning.” 2017   “Enhance, Cover, Enhance.” 2017   “Bipolar Disorder.” 2017   “Reiteration.” 2016   “Sun Hands.” 2016   “In Boxes.” 2016

The Blue Project: Unpacking Blue

LAKE MICHIGAN / 50×60 / OIL ON CANVAS “The deeper the blue becomes, the more strongly it calls man towards the infinite, awakening in him a desire for the pure and, finally, for the supernatural.” –Wassily Kandinsky Introduction Even now, the poignancy of the color blue strikes a chord of mystical curiosity within us. We associate…

The Pixel Project

Just as representational painting was followed by cubism and abstract expressionism in an effort to find truth and art in the immediate reality of the medium, the screen as a medium is on a similar progression. We find ourselves in High Renaissance of high-definition screen narcissism, placing ourselves or things of our experience in the…


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